CBE are the leading supplier of Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solutions to the supermarket, convenience, forecourt, hospitality, fashion, pharmacy and general merchandise sectors.
They first choice for EPoS solutions in Ireland and the UK with thirty years of experience in the sector. 

The Challenge

Continuum were approached by CBE with the challenge of increasing the search visibility of the brand and their products & services.

Continuums Solution

Continuum worked closely with CBE, developing a Keyword Strategy that identified 23 primary phrases that were of most relevance to the company. The strategy involved prioritising each phrase based on the importance of each key phrase to the business and industry.  Competitive research was conducted to outline which keywords would be most difficult to rank for and which ones could be identified as “low-hanging fruit”.
Like many industries the EPOS industry is faced with increasing average cost per click. Taking into consideration the CPC and competitive nature for each phrase, Continuum were able to further identify which key phrases should be a focus for a parallel PPC process which would be complementary to the SEO activities.
The strategy was realised on the back of the following activities:
  • A technical SEO audit of the website with ongoing technical SEO optimisation
  • a cohesive content marketing plan  was developed
  • Appropriate content was commissioned, created & optimised
  • On-page optimisation opportunities were taken to maximise the potential of the keywords identified.


In its first 9 months, the keyword strategy, which takes into consideration both SEO and PPC has resulted in a 24.59% increase in traffic from Google driven by significant improvements in the keyword rankings of the clients preferred search terms as shown in the table below:
Phrases Number of Keywords (Initial) Number of Keywords (Current) Change
Top 3 SEO Rankings 1 10 +9
Top 10 SEO Rankings 3 19 +16
This has had a meaningful impact on the number of online commercial conversions the client has realised over the same time period, with SEO now delivering 47% of online conversions, up from almost 0% previously.

In the Clients own words


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