Case Studies

Transforming a high-street brand into a multichannel retailer
Case Study:
Bringing the Carphone Warehouse in-store experience to the digital realm

Carphone Warehouse came to us with an amazing bricks-and-mortar customer experience but with an out-of-date web presence. Given how complex their offering was (a myriad of phones and  phone plans across mutliple networks), how could they live up to the high standards of their offline customer-service in an online setting? As their digtial agency in Ireland, Continuum took up their challenge & used a best-in-class UX prototyping process to find the solution...

Turing a high-street brand into a multichannel retailer

About Us

We are Continuum

The Digital Agency for Digital Transformation

We called ourselves "Continuum" because our focus is on continued and sustained partnership & growth. With agency offices in Dublin & New York, we create digital growth engines that transform brands across a broad range of public & private sectors. 

The digital landscape changes constantly and its impact is potentially disruptive to established business practices. We transform our clients to cope with and prosper from this disruption. We have delivered over 2,000 projects and we love what we do.

Our philosophy is to never stand still. We are a digital agency filled with smart, experienced, strategic business thinkers who fully understand and harness internet technologies for our clients. Below you can see just a few examples of our thoughts & deeds in the pursuit of digital excellence ...

Digital Agency - DMA Winner
Digital Agency - Kentico Winner
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Digital Agency - CSR Winner
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iia Irish Internet Association NET VISIONARY AWARDS
Digital Agency Dublin - Tech 100
Award winning Digital Agency in Dublin
Reasons for Scope Creep - A Digital Agency Perspective

Our Programmes

Education prograMmE
As part of our commitment to our "Never standing still" philosophy we have run a series of masterclasses for clients & guests on topics associated with leading-edge Internet opportunities. So far we have covered areas like automated marketing, the Internet of Things, and so on.
momentum prograMmE

Supporting the big dreamers

Continuum are developing the marketplace by acting as Mentors for several select start-ups at a relatively early stage in their development.

We offer our mentees strategic support to design and plan their business, as well as tactical support such as programme management, training and mentoring.

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