Conversion Optimisation

Turning Visitors into Customers. When your digital marketing strategy changes from growing traffic to increasing leads or sales – that’s when a conversion rate optimisation agency can help!

CRO is simply the practice of driving website visitors deeper into the funnel and  using data driven insights to help users take the ultimate desired action – buy your product/service or convert as a lead.

The primary goal of your conversion  optimisation strategy will be to remove friction points, increase the websites conversion rate and ultimately increase the volume of visitors that buy from your website!

Why chose Continuum as your Conversion Optimisation Agency?

  1. Improved User Experience
  2. Decisions that are backed by data
  3. Slight increases in conversions can have a significant effect on your bottom line
  4. Get a greater return on your traffic acquisition costs (Now that users are converting more)
  5. Reduced Form and Shopping Cart abandonment
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What our clients say

National pen

“Continuum have provided us with excellent SEO insights and guidance enabling National Pen to successfully climb the ladder of SEO success. As a team we have carefully worked through the levels of SEO site optimisation including content, link building and social to the point where we now have a steady rise in impressions and clicks, combined with increasingly strong levels of sales conversion.”

Tony Bowers

International Ecommerce Manager, National Pen

Conversion Optimisation Case Studies

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