Tesco Mobile is Ireland’s most recommended network. Continuum has been Tesco Mobile’s digital partner since their entry into the Irish Market in 2007. 

The Challenge

Tesco Mobile presented Continuum with the challenge of creating a website that would complement the highly competitive post-pay market competing with such rivals as Meteor/eir, Vodafone, 3 Mobile.  The challenge put to Continuum was to build a fully-tailored ecommerce website with full integration to a number of disparate systems including Fraud Management, Credit Vetting, Warehousing, Payment Processing (including monthly direct debits), Content Management, CRM, order fulfilments systems.  The UX challenge was to design this system in a way that allowed the user a fluid selection and purchasing experience with a consistent interface and simple acquisition and purchase process despite the multiple systems and also to brand and integrate the site to be consistent with Tesco.com.

The Solution

Our technical team engaged in extensive integration planning and blueprinting with partners including IBM and Fujitsu to ensure seamless integration with all 3rd party systems.  Our design team subjected the project to extensive user profiling and information architecture planning to ensure that all parties for the Pre and Post pay products experienced a very easy, guided and supported user journey throughout the purchasing process.  Our technical project manager also supervised the integration between all the 3rd party companies to ensure full compatibility in rollout.

Following intensive testing and quality assurance processes helped us refine the functionality of the site as well as iron out any usability issues before pushing the site live.

The Result

Building a site with a user centric philosophy helped us understand how the user would interact with the application, This made the site more intuitive for the user allowing the whole system to function better as an eCommerce engine.

In the clients own words

"Continuum have been working hand in hand with Tesco Mobile to very aggressive deadlines and shifting milestones. The project rollout and continued support have been a superb success and has exceeded our requirements and results."

Paul G. Walsh
Head of Network
Tesco Mobile Ireland



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