Our web design team is made up of problem-solvers who revel in delighting users and delivering real results for your web design project.

Successful web design starts with your customers

When considering a web design agency, first consider the following: "Success online starts and ends with your customers". You have to understand them utterly and translate that insight into a digital experience that perfectly complements their worldview.

To achieve this task Continuum have developed our own four phase process. First, we get to know your audience so we can tailor the web site experience just for them. Second, we test our theories across various prototypes to see what works. Third, we flesh out the visual design, developing an aesthetic to match and enhance the solution. And finally, our developers make it all a reality.

UX Research

UX Research is the cornerstone of any successful digital enterprise. It gives us a picture of your audience and how we can serve them best.

We hold interviews and workshops with you and your internal stakeholders. This helps us to define who your current users are and who your target users might be. Sometimes, it helps our clients define their own relationship with the user and identify opportunities for growth and change outside of the website.

Then we like to interact with representatives of your user groups. Sometimes, this is done through anonymous surveys, finding patterns in behaviour and preferences. Sometimes, we do this in person, meeting people and getting to know them individually. We set your users tests, observing them going about specific tasks and seeing where they have problems and where they find delight in everyday operations.

We complete the picture by analysing benchmark websites, competitors and the performance of your existing site.

Creating (and testing) the solution

Our award-winning team of web designers  and web developers dive headlong into the findings and conclusions from the research phase, brainstorming ideas and sketching solutions. At Continuum, the diverse experience of our teams gives us a broader scope to approach problems from different directions and find the right solution for you.

We operate on scientific principles - having defined the problems in our research phase, we hypothesise potential solutions, we test those assumptions and then we record the results. There is no substitute for testing with real people - putting prototypes in front of members of your audience and iterating towards success is the best way to design for commercial success.

This process means we identify potential issues early, avoid hypothesis based on assumptions and guesswork and concentrate on prototypes that deliver concrete commercial results.

We have a passion for creating pixel perfect websites

At Continuum, we are not content to take the easy way out and simply design visuals according to web trends. After all, if you design for today, you risk being out-of-date tomorrow. We take a progressive approach to visual design, questioning trends and pushing boundaries wherever possible. We design for your target audience, making sure the users you want are going to fall in love with your site. While sometimes it can be subjective, by using a strong research-based design process, we aim to make it love at first sight.

Best practice builds

The proximity and cross-overs between our in-house front-end and back-end development teams makes complex builds more straightforward. With free-flowing communication and extensive experience and expertise on every team, we ensure that we meet and exceed best practice development on all of our projects.

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