We specialise in SharePoint Design

The SharePoint platform from Microsoft makes it easier for people to work together. Ultimately, SharePoint enables the sharing of information with others, management of documents from start to finish, and the publishing of reports. In the end, SharePoint helps with the transfer of information to help everyone make better decisions and respond quicker to changing business needs.

SharePoint deployment and support

At Continuum we specialise in SharePoint Design, SharePoint deployment and support for our customers. We also partner with ISC Software Solutions in the implementation of SharePoint. ISC Software have implemented 100's of SharePoint intranets and extranets throughout Ireland and the UK. In recognition of their expertise in SharePoint implementation, ISC Software currently hold a record number of Gold Accreditation Competencies by Microsoft.

We believe that our complementary specialist expertise in SharePoint Intranet Design and Expert SharePoint Implementation represent an excellent overall solution to your SharePoint requirements.

Our combined SharePoint Services include:

  • SharePoint for Extranets, Intranets, Portals and Websites
  • Document Management
  • Workflows and Forms
  • SharePoint Design and Planning
  • SharePoint Resources and Support
  • SharePoint Training

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