Collaboration made simple

Microsoft Sharepoint makes it easier for people to work together. Ultimately, the platform enables the sharing of information with others, management of documents from start to finish, and the publishing of reports. In the end, it helps with the transfer of information to help everyone make better decisions and respond quicker to changing business needs.

Microsoft SharePoint online is a collaborative platform. Its a lot more than just an application installed on your computer. SharePoint is a platform to create powerful websites and with those you'll have access to features allowing you and your team to work together.

For many it's most useful feature is collaboration and the idea of sharing common resources. We can create workflows and automate tasks that we do daily to help us stay organized and save time. We can also use it as a place to store documents and only have one version of that document.

The sharepoint server  is a common place for people to work together ,store and save documents find information that they need and so on there's just so much that we can do we can create site collections with many different websites and sub sites and then invite members of our team to work on a site and easily collaborate.

Deployment and Support

At Continuum we specialise in design, deployment and support for our customers. We believe that our complementary specialist expertise in intranet design and expert implementation represent an excellent overall solution for your server and requirements.

Our combined Services include:

  • Extranets, Intranets, Portals and Websites
  • Document Management
  • Workflows and Forms
  • Design and Planning
  • Resources and Support
  • Training
 We are experts in improving your business processes with a  solution. Utilising lists, libraries and PowerApps, we can create a rich digital experience with forms, custom apps and more.

Migrations are also an opportune time for us to organize and structure your content in a manner that promotes future growth, consistent application of security policies, and promotes the ongoing organization and structure well into the future.

Through collaboration our expert developers will work with you to create a SharePoint solution that is tailor-made for your business and your business’ goals.

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