At Continuum while we understand SEO traffic and rankings are important, we also understand is that it’s the commercial benefits from great SEO, is where the true value lies. That’s why every activity we do undertake centres around our clients commercial goals.

SEO Planning

Undertaking the task of increasing visibility for phrases without a clearly defined strategy can potentially lead to missed opportunities and costly mistakes. Even if its local or international seo, a plan is required. Our first step is to work closely with clients to develop a keyword strategy.

We conduct keyword research, profiling both your company and its competitors to obtain a snapshot of the current online landscape in your industry. From here we will prioritize phrases, identify low hanging fruit and phrases where there is maximum opportunity. We will document how you currently rank for those phrases and use it as roadmap and benchmark as rankings begin to improve. 

SEO Implementation

So what’s next. At Continuum, we have developed a 3 layered approach for SEO growth. 

  1. Technical optimization (SEO Audit)– where we make sure that the titles and metas are present, that robots.txt and XML sitemaps are in place, that all redirections are redirecting to the right place. This is what we do to ensure that the search engines can index your site and its pages properly. Indexing means that the page can be searched for and avoids any potential penalties. For technical SEO, we often utilise our inhouse web development and web design teams.
  2. Semantic (or keyword) optimization (driven by the keyword strategy)– where we partake in an endless tug-of-war between the popularity of a keyword versus its competition. For your website it’s vitality important the right pages are shown for the right search phrases. This is achieved by priming your content to make use of these keywords as inconspicuously as possible.
  3. External (or link profile or inbound marketing) optimization – where we try to build the hype around the site, because we know that parts (1) and (2) are simply not enough to lure people in. You will already know the benefits of ranking for a keyword on Google, and the consequences of if you’re not in the top 10 (and your competitors are). You get there by increasing your site’s popularity.  And what is a better sign of popularity than people linking to your site. We do this via targeted future proof link building campaigns and content marketing.

Jargon Free SEO Reporting

We create a customized reports that will give you the numbers and stats that matter, in a laguage that matters to you. Ultimately we give you the ability to look at organic traffic on a revenue level.
Whether you are a novice or an expert, our team will guide you through the world of search to help you to develop and implement an seo plan that gets you noticed and give you that return on investment that you need. 

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