A multi-tiered distributed application model

pTools offers a multi-tiered distributed application model. pTools provides multi-site, multi-language, multi-point, multi-location publishing from a multi-author and editor base. The pTools platform will integrate into your central data store for compliance, rollback and security purposes.

pTools is based on granular software components that can be simply added to, providing additional functionality as and when required.

Delivering a fully content managed website

pTools delivers fully content managed websites. The sites are quickly able to accurately echo and support the strategic direction of your business. Updating your website and adding new pages, sections and sub-sites can be done by anyone, from any PC, from any location. All that is required is editing authorisation and access to a web browser.

  • Faster and easier site updates
  • Lower site development costs
  • Shorter download times for site visitors
  • Efficient integration with existing data feeds, ERP and CRM systems

Content providers and editor

Content providers and editors need only a few minutes of instruction to get started after training. pTools supports standard programming languages recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) so that you can easily incorporate new features — or even change the basic pTools functionality – as well as integrate information from any major business system.

In addition to core pTools CMS features and functions pTools features include:

  • Advanced workflow and content compliance.
  • Rapid deployment and in-built Web2.0 features
  • Advanced 'Clean Code' Accessibility Standard
  • pTools Content Element Model - CEM
  • Content Security Marking
  • Advanced Search and Retrieval.
  • Approval, Publishing and Workflow
  • Build-In Search Engine Optimisation Functionality
  • CMS Customisation & Support

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