Tracking Sites & Campaigns

Google Analytics is the web analytic package for marketers as the photon electron thingy is for the CSI team. Powerful technology that enables us to uncover important insights into our customers online behaviour.

From content and audience reports to information on multi-channel assisted conversions, the power of these metrics sheds light onto the behaviour of visitors to your site. So get your geek on and get tracking CSI style with Google Analytics.

The Analytic Kit

An analytics platform is an essential part of operating a business online.

Watch the pennies and the pounds will roll in

eCommerce tracking is an essential piece of analytic kit for sites selling online. Not all sales have the same profit margin, so ecommerce tracking can tell you which marketing campaigns and partnerships are leading to high margin sales. Equipped with this information, deciding on where to allocate your budget becomes crystal clear.

Analysis and Insight

Let us, a Google Analytics Certified Partner forensically examine your web analytic reports and find those gems of information that make the difference to your business. Whether its potential geographical markets that you could target, partnerships that you could form, or the different channel types that lead to a conversion happening on your site.

Monitoring & Metrics

Any marketing campaign needs a strong plan from the outset supported by monitoring and metrics. Knowing what are the important KPI’s are the only way to know if you are doing the right things. This can all be achieved through the Analytics platform.

How our digital experts can help

Whether you need to measure the success of a social media strategy, an afilliate program or improve your website, web analytics are the key to helping you understand your business online!

Our Services Include:

  • Account Set-up
  • Account Configuration
  • Report Set-up
  • Goal Implementation
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Metric Analysis
  • Metric Reporting
  • Training

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