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bxp provide CRM, CCM, QA, and eLearning solutions to some of the biggest companies in the UK and Ireland and, earlier this month, we had the pleasure to send their newly redesigned website out into the world.

Right from the get-go we rolled out our UX process with Chris and his team to identify what their users needed and made it easier for them to find what they need; the first rule in UX design.

Centring firstly on their four key products, we gave each their own optimised and tailored landing pages so bxp could speak directly to each of their customer groups individually.

bxp’s four product groups were subtly colour-coded to give each its own voice while staying on-brand. These colours then carried over by bxp onto their own demo system - a nice touch we think - so the user felt connected right from the landing page through to actually using the product.

We also wanted to enhance and reinforce bxp’s connection with their big-name customers on the site and bxp's loyal customers really do love them! Harnessing this connection, we were able to leverage it into some great case studies and testimonials that are used throughout the site.

Not only did we upgrade bxp's website but we helped steer them through a full rebrand. This included a new logo, colours, fonts, but also included off-site collateral and professional copywriting to help finesse bxp’s message across all media and help them convert.

And as if that wasn’t enough, our full scale online marketing strategy, including Search Engine OptimisationContent MarketingPPC Advertisingand much more is in full force promoting the new site and driving quality traffic as we speak so needless to say, we’re excited about this one!

Continuum worked diligently with bxp to develop and roll out a unique and holistic digital strategy that increases and enhances our online presence; with the aim of driving quality targeted leads, particularly from the UK market. The new website looks remarkable matching our business objectives and needs, as well as those of our users.

 - Chris Thomson, Managing Director, bxp software

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