At Continuum, we recently launched a brand-new, interactive website forPrePay Power, Ireland’s leading ‘pay as you go’ electricity provider. 

Our expert UX and design teams worked closely with PrePay Power and their branding partners to create a user experience that gives customers complete control and transparency over their electricity costs. 

This advanced new site comprises of a back end of technical integrations that enables customers to instantly top-up their electricity online. Top-up codes are generated online and integrate seamlessly with PrePay Power’s exisitng API’s. is now completely responsive on all devices, from mobile to desktop, ensuring that the superior user experience is never interrupted. 

Geotargeting functionality allows the website to establish the location of each user, delivering relevant content back to them such as directions to their nearest PrePay Power store. 

With a clear focus on honesty and simplicity, the powerful new design effectively motivates potential customers to easily switch to PreyPay from their current provider.

This compelling, user-friendly website is considerable to PrePay Power’s distinct business convention, of empowering existing customers to control their service costs at ease and prompting new customers to make the switch.