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Continuum Launch Zed Candy’s newest online presence

Zed Candy is an international enterprise with an ever-broadening product range of gobstoppers, jawbreakers and jelly beans familiar to adults & children all across Europe & Asia. In spite of their success though their overall brand is not well recognised.

The company needed to marry their brand to their products in the customers mind. Unfortunately an old static website and a stagnant social presence simply was not helping. They needed a new online voice that better reflected who they were and where they were going. Continuum were tasked with creating a unified online voice for the brand.


From a branding perspective we recognised that the best way to kindle brand recognition was Zed himself. At the time an underutilized cartoon mascot his excitable personality could fuse this popular but disparate collection of products into a single consolidated force.

To realise this only we built a strong visually vibrant website that would act as the hub for all future online activity and as an introduction to the personality of Zed.

From a marketing perspective the website also enables Zed Candy to directly collect individual customer’s insights in a secure & ethical framework.


The website has been a great asset for Zed Candy’s brand identity and has acted as a catalyst for a new aesthetic for the company, which is now being reflected in offline packaging and promotional material.

Continuum built the site on a Kentico platform and designed it with robustness &scalability in mind, very much reflecting Zed Candy’s growth ambitions.

Zed Candy’s offline adventurous business spirit is now reflected & expanded online.  Watch this space for Phase 2 including games, apps and sweet big data!

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