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I recently delivered a presentation at the #ContinuumLabs event in Dublin entitled "2 x Your Business". In this presentation I outlined that simply going after growth, without coordinating your activity & team around a cohesive strategy is unlikely to deliver the desired results. And if this extravaganza of "tactics without strategy" doesn't succeed you can gaurantee that you will drain your organisation of energy, momentum and funds.

Conversion Funnel, Coman Fullard, #ContinuumLabs

As I set out in my presentation, if you can answer the following questions then you are well on your way to having a strategy:
  1. To whom are you selling
  2. What is your value proposition for these customers
  3. What is your message about your offering for these customers
  4. What channels will you use to connect with them
The rest of my presentation then introcudes the Value Proposition framework, an incredibly versatile tool to help you begin the process of defining your prospective customers goals, pains & potential games, articulating your value proposition, and understanding the quality of your value prop/customer fit.

You can find the slides on SlideShare below:

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