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The Continuum Group won three awards at the 2018 Spiders awards held in Dublin, including the Large Agency of the Year and the prestigious Grand Prix. This recognition represents the culmination of 12 months working with a broad range of exciting clients across a variety of sectors (including Benecol, Arysta, The Environmental Protection Agency, Carphone Warehouse, the IDA, Tesco Mobile and many more).

This is the second year in a row that Continuum have won “Best Agency” and is a strong validation for our process, focus on delivery and continued success.

The Grand Prix is awarded for innovative use of the online environment and goes to the company that is at the forefront of their space, standing should-to-shoulder with the international best-of-breed. Some of Irelands leading Consumer and Business to Business brands were considered for the award.

Continuum were chosen for the award based their outstanding performance in the arenas of thought leadership, creativity, development, portfolio, delivery, business results and overall customer experience.

This is the first time a digital agency has won this award and speaking to some of the judges afterwards about this Robert Farrell said this of the award:

“In some years the Grand Prix is awarded to the best in a given year – in this case it was awarded to the best this year AND in recognition of continuous high performance.

We have seen Continuum come up so often at different awards across a range of categories. Continuum stood out as an all-round high performer for the last number of years. We have seen their natural evolution consistently delivering great projects and great campaigns every year.

Who else could it be this year?”

Aspects of Continuums year-on-year performance that the judges deemed noteworthy were:
  • 16 years of profitable growth
  • Long-standing contribution to the industry
  • At the forefront of their space
  • Consistently satisfied clients
  • Operating to the high international standards
  • Always placing in the top 3 to 5 companies in the country

These awards are testament to our laser-like focus on delivering customer value and growth through consultation and digital innovation. This is a solid platform for the future as we continue to take on and solve ever more complex business problems for a widening array of enterprise clients.
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