When you’re tasked with building a website for fantastic food companies, it’s hard not to get hungry when you’re presented with picture after picture of fantastic food!

Well, our designers felt that pain over the last few weeks as we designed, built, and launched two new Sitefinity sites for Silverhill Farm and Keelings, two acclaimed food producers.

Silverhill Farm rear the renowned and award-winning ‘Silverhill Duck’ which is found in the best Chinese restaurants in Europe. But besides this, Silverhill are a family-run company with a long history of quality. So Continuum worked closely with Silverhill to develop this aspect of their site and give their users that family feeling.

And while Silverhill have a wealth of family history, they were also looking to the future by integrating responsive design, online recipes, and a full product catalogue into their new site.

Visit the site - http://silverhillfarm.ie/

Keelings on the other hand wowed us with their selection of organic fruit and vegetables, the colours of which inspired their new site to become one of the most colourful projects Continuum have ever worked on!

Keelings’ motto is ‘Love to Grow’ and they’re growing their online presence by investing in responsive design, digital strategy, and search engine optimisation with Continuum to draw attention to themselves online.

Visit the site - http://www.keelings.com/

So, we while our mouths watered and our tummies growled, we produced two distinct, colourful, and responsive sites for two of Ireland’s most famous food companies that we’re ecstatic about.

But next time, we’ll eat before we build!