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April 21st of this year is the day Mobile SEO gets serious for Google. Google announced the mobile specific algorithm update back in February via their Webmaster Central blog and we think this is big news for SEO. 

If you own or run a website that does not receive a significant amount of mobile traffic this algorithm change may not worry you too much. However, we know that mobile visits are hugely important to a large number of organisations and websites out there so this algorithm update is definitely something to sit up and pay attention to. Giving the consistent increase in smartphone users we recommend that all website owners take a look at this crucial announcement.

How will Google’s new mobile ranking factors impact your site?

Essentially, Google have been talking about the importance of making mobile users experience of your website as rewarding and pain free as desktop users; but this announcement means Google will now actively start rewarding websites with higher ranking indicators in mobile search results through its algorithm for websites that are mobile friendly.

Conversely, this means Google will also start looking at websites that are not mobile friendly and those websites who are not ticking the boxes for the new mobile ranking factors will lose out in mobile search rankings. The worry is for companies that have not got around to building a responsive version of their site, that the websites will lose significant amounts of traffic and rankings as a result of the algorithm changes on April 21st

We must stress that these new ranking factors do not apply for desktop search result rankings just users who can potentially find your site through searches on their mobile. 
Typically, algorithm changes by Google can happen overnight without warning or even without any announcement as seen recently with a lot of websites complaining about dropping in ranking; leaving a lot of webmasters to speculate over what exact changes were made by Google.

The April 21st update is different, Google are pre-announcing the algorithm change in advance to give every webmaster a head start in planning their move to mobile friendly version of their site. 

If you are looking to see Google’s recommendations on what constitutes a mobile friendly site you can find them here, you can actually test how mobile friendly your site is at the click of a button which is pretty cool! If you have any questions about updating your site so it is mobile friendly and ready for Google’s update get in-touch with us today and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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