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Continuum, Ireland’s leading digital strategy agency,  have been awarded the 2012 Chambers Ireland's Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Excellence in CSR for an SME.
The award celebrates Continuum’s work with Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children’s International.  

Continuum’s Managing Director travelled to the worst affected areas from the Chernobyl disaster to understand fully the nature of the projects and the Continuum staff worked closely with the CEO and board of CCI to conceive and rollout a comprehensive internet strategy and online presence that spans and measures all relevant digital communication channels over 5 years and serves as a primary fundraising channel.

Accepting the award, Managing Director, Colin Meagle acknowledged the positive impact of having a CSR strategy on the motivation and commitment of the staff of his organization.  He stated that “The Continuum team are very aware of their active CSR policy.  This is not something we do in our spare time.  We embrace CSR as a key component of our business strategy.  It’s only through the understanding and belief in the value and importance of our CSR role that  very worthy initiatives can be delivered”.
He acknowledged that his clients appreciate the Continuum contribution back to the community and they in many ways are part of that initiative. 

Since Continuum was founded in early 2002, part of the company ethos and partnership responsibility has been to give back and to assist charities and communities help themselves.  As part of this engagement, MD, Colin travelled with some board members of CCI to the most affected areas of the Chernobyl disaster to understand first-hand the plight of nuclear meltdown and how it affect the lives of a new generation after more than a quarter of a century.

Adi Roche, CEO, Chernobyl Children’s International congratulated Continuum on the award stating

Every charity is struggling as Ireland continues to suffer from an economic tsunami.  Companies Corporate Social Responsibility now takes on an even larger burden of helping charities survive. Chernobyl Children International is one such charity that has become indebted to CSR.  Continuum has been a 'Torch bearer' for us enabling the charity to use the Internet to tell the story of Chernobyl to a worldwide audience.  Through the two websites built by Continuum in tandem with developing our social networks we have been able to keep the tragic story of Chernobyl alive.  This lifeline provided by Continuum has helped to save countless lives & helped give a strong message of solidarity to the survivors.

"Continuum has gone beyond the 'call of duty' as their dedicated staff gives more than their skills & time.  Their MD Colin Meagle, has taken the extra step & joined humanitarian teams working in the field in the most affected areas by the Chernobyl disaster.  He has also worked with us in a children's mental asylum where he showed his compassion & love to countless abandoned children. Our charity is thrilled to have been chosen by Continuum as their CSR recipient & we look forward to many years of rewarding work together. 

 Speaking at the Chambers Ireland event Colin Meagle told guests that  “It’s a privilege in my career to work with such talented and selfless staff as I do.   On behalf of the directors and staff of Continuum, I would like to thank Adi and her team for allowing us to get so involved and I am extremely proud of this award and the role our company has played in this project.”

Founded in 2002, Continuum specialise in internet-based strategy, services, applications, and online marketing solutions.  Continuum are a full service agency who work in partnership with their clients as their digital department to ensure they harness the internet to develop new business opportunities that turn into progressive, measurable growth.

Continuum celebrated its 10th year in business by recently announcing growth in 2012 of over 30% including a large recruitment campaign. 

Pictured below at the awards:  Adi Roche (CEO - Chernobyl Children's International) and Colin Meagle (Continuum MD).

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