Earlier this year, Continuum launched the revamped Nissan Gold Standard website to the public, updating the site with a modern design and more versatile controls. Nissan and Continuum have been partners since 2002 so this project arrived following years of solid cooperation between the two companies.  One of the major aims with the site was to have it align closely with its UK counterpart in terms of design and navigation. Nissan provided high resolution updates of their site images and logos while improved search functionality boxes were added to the home screen so that potential customers could filter their searches to their preference.

The clean, modern look was carried over into other areas of the site. The homepage slider was replaced with a sharp static image while a simple light grey skin was contrasted with strong red secondary colours to highlight certain functions, such as the search button. The Search function gives users a grid box that allows them to customise their search by county, vehicle type, body type, make, model, year, engine type, price and results per page. Other changes to the site included a button that allows users to email car details to friends. The site went live on 27th January 2014.