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At Continuum, we recently launched an exciting new website – Founded by sisters Annaoliva and Vanessa Durigon, this fashion website presents the user with a network of clothing items, accessories and outfits, which can be customised to the user’s specific criteria.

Animamoda allows its users to choose from a range of options specific to their physicality and tastes. The site then filters clothing articles from a vast range of retailers, best suited to that user.

Both sisters are highly knowledgeable about fashion and choosing the right clothing for specific body shapes. Annaoliva has worked in international showrooms and has been highly successful in one-on-one in-person fashion consultations while Vanessa will use her MA in scriptwriting and love for fashion to communicate with customers.

Animamoda is Italian for ‘soul of fashion’ and both sisters hope that their site can make fashion accessible and personal to each individual user, no matter their gender, height or body shape.

For Continuum, we had the task of creating a website which could emphasise the sisters’ passion as well as create a clean and versatile site with a range of customisation options for the user. Like the clothing on the site, the website had to be inviting and straightforward with functionality front and centre. The site has two sections – the Digital Wardrobe and the blog.

The Digital Wardrobe allows users to scroll through and filter clothing items, sourced by Animamoda from a number of top fashion retailers and brands across the globe. The Digital Wardrobe’s layout is simple and versatile on the surface but allows the user to search more in-depth using the filtering options. The blog allows Animamoda to share their fashion knowledge and expertise with customers, allowing them to offer that important personal touch to their business.

Animamoda officially launched on 25th September. Both Continuum and Animamoda are eager to see how this fresh new site evolves over the coming months as we continue to co-operate and grow in our partnership.

Animamoda on their relationship with Continuum:

We are delighted with the recent launch of our new innovative fashion advice website which we partnered with Continuum to create. With a database of thousands of the very latest fashion articles and accessories from known brands around the globe, Animamoda is unique in how it provides tailored quality fashion advice that helps people find the right clothing based on a combination of factors such as their body shape, a particular occasion or style preference and a specific price range.

From the start, Continuum fully understood and shared our vision for the website. In fact, at planning stages Continuum proactively suggested approaches to design and functionality we’d not thought of ourselves. As with any project, there were unexpected challenges that needed to be overcome during the course of the project but the collaborative approach and good communications between us and Continuum ensured a great ongoing working relationship.

We look forward to working with Continuum and the continued promotion and success of

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