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Continuum worked seamlessly with PRTB partners Southwestern and Vulcan to provide a new online presence for the PRTB with the objective of delivering quantifiable efficiencies while at the same time accurately reflecting and delivering upon the opinions, needs and concerns of the organisation’s Stakeholders. The informational website launched in May 2013 with the redesigned application/registration portal due in Q4 2013. Already the analytics KPIs for the informational website confirm increased visitor satisfaction levels due to the clearer structure presentation of PRTB information.

[Pictured below at the official launch of the PRTB Rent Index and redeveloped website - (L-R) James Gargan (Continuum), Anne Marie Caulfield (PRTB), Billy Fitzgerald (Continuum), Minister Jan O'Sullivan (Minister for Housing and Planning), Colin Meagle (Continuum)]

"I understand that almost half of all tenancies are now registered online and I hope that percentage will continue to increase. Continuum, based here in Dublin, has delivered the new PRTB website which has been designed for ease of access and use. The site went live last week and the feedback so far is very good." - MINISTER JAN O’SULLIVAN, T.D.,

The Challenge:

The PRTB operates a national tenancy registration system in Ireland in addition to operating a dispute resolution service between landlords/3rd parties and tenants. As a self-funding public body, PRTB need to promote online self-service for registrations and disputes, so as to reduce its costs, ensure public satisfaction with its services, and maximise the benefits of its investment in its registration IT system.
Target audiences are Landlords, Agents acting on behalf of Landlords, Tenants, 3rd Parties and solicitors or other representatives.

PRTB have an aggressive 75% internet penetration target for applications completed online (as opposed to the more traditional paper application form and postal process). However, initial analysis by Continuum identified a list of usability issues that needed to be fully addressed and resolved before targets could be met.  Project success was dependent on the implementation of a new reworked informational website, a digital marketing strategy and a redesigned user-centred application/registration portal.


Digital Tactics:

Using insights gathered via interviews with internal and external PRTB Stakeholders, Continuum undertook a number of UX and design workshops with PRTB and their external agency partners to radically revise the PRTB informational website.  

Project objectives included clearly communicating the function of PRTB, better informing tenants of their rights/options with a view to reducing dispute cases and effectively promoting online self-service to maximise efficiencies. The new site was also to be optimised for search engines and a range of PRTB content authors trained on SEO and effective publishing via the Continuum provided content management system.

For a full transcript of Minister Jan O'Sullivan's speech at the launch click here.

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