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Content creation is time-consuming - plain and simple. Quality original content cannot be created or cranked out in minutes but rather needs to be teased out and refined as a creative process. For this reason, most businesses who do not have a dedicated content creation team, are not able to create new content on a daily basis.

So herein lies the great problem with digital and social media marketing. An imbalance exists between the amount of content that is being produced and the amount needed to make an impact especially within social media.

So what should you do? Should you leave your social media feeds empty and hope for the best with the small amounts that you are publishing? Well no, this is not the best strategy to follow. Instead you can turn to the aid of content curation to give your followers more of the valuable content that they will come to expect from you.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of selecting and filtering relevant information and sharing it with your followers. By doing this you are providing more valuable content for your followers to consume while also showing that you are up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry. By putting a little extra effort in you can increase the value of the content by adding a synopsis of the content and why you see value in it.

Content Curation Tools

Here are some of our favourite curation tools that we use to find and share great content:

Feedly (Free & Paid Options)

Feedly allows users to take all their favourite blogs and news sources and put them into one simple interface. You don't have to go and check on each of your top content sources to see if there is new content for you to look at. Instead all the content will come to you in your Feedly account. It’s quick and simple add content sources to your account. You can search with Feedly itself to see if the site you want to follow is automatically picked up. Alternatively you can add the RSS feed from a site to your account. Feedly will take the pain out of looking for new content and you will easily be able to keep you finger on the pulse of your industry at a glance. You can then take the most interesting and newsworthy pieces of content and share them on your social networks. A few clicks later and congratulations,  you've just become a content curator!

Content Curation - Feedly



Alltop is another of our top content sources. It is a great news aggregation site that takes the top news and blog content from around the web and displays them by topic categories. If you find the category related to your business and industry, it will provide you with an endless supply of the most popular content for you to share with your audience. You may even find inspiration for your own content creation from the articles you choose to read and share. 

Content Curation - Alltop



Buffer (Free & Paid Options)

Finally Buffer is one of the most useful social media tools a digital marketer can have in their arsenal. Buffer allows users to connect to their social media accounts and then queue up pieces of content to be published at chosen intervals throughout the day. Buffer also offers some simple web browser extensions which allow users to create posts for their curated content feed in under 30 seconds. When used in conjunction with Feedly and Alltop as sources for the most interesting new content, content curation can be a quick and simple process.

Content Curation - Buffer


Curated content can be used to augment (but not replace) your own content creation efforts allowing you to keep your Social Media channels active and creating more engagement in the process. The metric data available from your content curation system can also indicate what types of content are popular which in-turn can guide your own content creation.

Here at Continuum we love content marketing and we would consider ourselves experts in content creation, content management and content curation. If you have any questions about content marketing or if you would like to talk to an expert about content marketing you can ask for a call back!




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