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In today’s competitive market, every business needs a presence on social media. Many business social media profiles fail for a variety of reasons, but in our experience, the number one reason why some businesses struggle is a lack of considered, structured management of appropriate social channels. Here are some tips to help manage multiple social media channels effectively.

1. Planning

Companies that jump in head first and sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram without any thought as to where their audiences are tend to give up shortly after signing up. There are two reasons for this:

1. They haven’t foreseen the amount of work that is involved in having 4 or 5 active social media accounts.

2. Their accounts receive little engagement because the channels don’t cater to their target audiences. The lack of engagement can be disheartening and lead to less motivation to post or maintain a profile over time.

In some cases, particularly with B2B companies, Facebook may not be the right place to be. It could make more sense to put twice as much time and resources into LinkedIn or Twitter rather than waste time somewhere your audiences aren’t likely to engage. Of course, this is unique to every business and thorough research will provide the best option for you.

2. Identify your Objectives

After defining where your target audience is most likely to be on social media, you must then define what your social media goals are. It’s going to use up resources to become part of the social media sphere, so what is the end goal?

Although clarity behind the monetary worth of social media to a business has been traditionally hard to define for companies, it’s important to remember that the goals don’t have to be monetary based KPI’s. Brand awareness, customer service, SEO can be the end goals for a variety of social channels.

3. Create a Style Guide

It’s a tall order for one person to look after the entire social media presence of a business, especially considering that they need holidays, sick days and may simply not have time to fully commit to it. Because of this, there should generally be a couple of staff members who are responsible for the social media accounts. Such is human nature that tone, speed of reply, and the overall manner of which the account is looked after can vary by employee.

For this reason it’s important to create a style guide, which outlines the tone of the brand as well as best practice guidelines that align with the brand. All employees with access to any accounts should be familiar with this document.

4 . Plan for Dealing with a Rogue Customer

People say things online that they would never say offline. The term “troll” is used for a user who enjoys using the anonymity of social media to cause trouble for no apparent reason. One of the ultimate goals of a troll is to involve companies in arguments online because it tends to create a stir and gains traction in terms of visibility and their notoriety.

Every employee should be prepped and ready for this situation. Remember, the answer is to always take the complaints offline in a swift and polite manner.

Example: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you give me a call on 123 4567 or PM me your number, I’d be happy to call at a time that suits you to get this resolved. Thanks, Amy (Customer Care)”.

5. Consistency

Consistency is a key component of engagement on social media. Some companies post 5 times in one day and then may not post again for 3 weeks. Sporadic usage of social media is usually down to employees workloads. Barren and stale social media accounts can have a weakened effect on your potential to make a sale than no social presence at all.

Combatting this is easy, prepare a monthly schedule that can be achieved with the company’s respective resources. Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule posts across a variety of social media channels meaning you can allocate a space of time each week to share posts. Don’t forget to factor in a short amount of time to respond!


At Continuum, we have amassed a huge amount of experience working on social media strategies across every industry you can imagine! If social media marketing is something you would like help with, get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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