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With over 60 million unique visitors a month and over 1,140 slides viewed per second it's no wonder that the Digital Marketing world is referring to SlideShare as the ‘sleeping giant of B2B content marketing.’ This presentation sharing social media platform may have been around since 2007 but it’s only since its LinkedIn acquisition in 2012 that its benefits as a B2B marketing and SEO tool have emerged.


So, what does this mean for you and your business?

Here are 5 reasons why setting up a SlideShare account can help you to capture leads and drive traffic to your website in 2015:


1. Brand Awareness

SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world. With over 215 million page views a month this is not an opportunity to be missed in terms of reach and brand awareness for your business.


2. Target Audience

According to ComScore, SlideShare receives 500% more traffic from business owners over other social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. During the ComScore study these ‘business owners’ were more specifically identified as coming from the categories of micro business owner, small business owner, C-Level and professionals who work in a small business. So if you’re looking to target small to medium sized businesses, SlideShare is your platform to achieve this.


3. SEO

SlideShare content can be optimised for search engine listings. With features allowing users to add optimised titles, tags and descriptions to each upload, SlideShare content is more and more frequently being featured highly in Google search results. According to the latest figures from, 20% of visitors come to SlideShare directly from organic Google search results making this social platform an important arena for content syndication efforts.


4. LinkedIn Integration

One of the newer features of SlideShare is its LinkedIn integration capability which allows you to share presentations directly from SlideShare to your professional LinkedIn profile. This allows B2B marketers, sales professionals and business owners to showcase company presentations, infographics, research and more as part of their professional identity to their networks on LinkedIn.


5. Lead Generation

Last but certainly not least, one of the most important features of SlideShare for B2B marketers are its native lead-capturing capabilities that profit an excellent ROI when utilised correctly. Presentations and other content on SlideShare allow marketers to leverage content downloads to collect contact information from users. The content piece or slides can also be specifically designed to collect this content information directly, typically via the final slide in the presentation.

With five times the traffic from business professionals than other popular websites and its growing importance in terms of SEO, SlideShare is unquestionably a platform B2B marketers should leverage as part of their 2015 marketing strategy.

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